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Being an owner or manager of a local business, you engage and network with your customers and other businesses everyday.

As your customers walk through the door you know what to say, how best to answer questions, ask for referrals, sell your products and grow your business.

How do you manage customers that don’t shop face-to-face?

Today’s consumers want that same attention and quality customer service from you online.

That is what we do best. We help you market your business on the Internet using proven online marketing and social media products and services.

Why should you choose 928 Media Lab?

We are a local business too.

Our customers are your customers.

Everyday we have hundreds of thousands of customers log on to our websites to read our premium content to be entertained, informed and educated about what is happening in our communities and who can provide them products and services they want and need.

Our local and online markets are expanding and we can bring those markets and those customers to you.

We help businesses grow.

We help build online relationships.

We can bring you new leads and improve your customer service while protecting your online reputation.

Everyday we can connect you to buyers locally and online who want to know what you have to offer them today and how you can provide it to them quickly.


Get Found

Everyday potential new customers are actively searching the market for your products on websites like Google.  We make sure you look as good or better than your competition and rank highly on search engines to get your share of new leads.

  • Responsive optimized websites
  • Smart Phone friendly mobile websites.
  • Optimized Local Business Listings
  • Search Optimized Videos

Find New Revenue

Your business can reach potential new customers with precision targeting techniques that deliver your message to only those consumers most likely to be interested in your business.

  • Web & Mobile Display Marketing
  • Mobile Display Marketing
  • Social and Email Marketing

Zero-in on Revenue

Our precision digital marketing techniques reach potential new customers who have demonstrated an interest in your products and services, thereby cutting down significantly on wasted ad impressions that could be delivered to the wrong consumers. Tactics include:

  • Re-Targeted Search
  • Behavioral Search
  • Contextual Search
  • Geo Targeted Search
  • Mobile Geo Targeted Search

Stay Connected

Once you have connected with new customers, stay top of mind to those customer with our marketing programs that drive repeat and referral business. Social Media is digital word of mouth on steroids!

We help you tell the story of your business and distribute it via a variety of channels that include:

  • Social Media
  • Email Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Text Messaging
  • Video Channels

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Babette Cubitt

Advertising Director
Office: 928-759-7625

928 Media Lab

1958 Commerce Center Circle
Prescott, AZ 86301
Phone: 928-759-7625

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